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What We Do

The Upfluence team is comprised of experts in influence marketing, brand expansion, photography, videography, design, funnel building, public relations, copywriting and event production. Our multi-prong approach goes far beyond simply building a website or creating a sales funnel - rather, we design your Authority EcoSystem.

Your brand, your voice, your message are all amplified via publicity, connecting with other influencers, book publishing, course creation, public speaking and hosting events. The result? You become a Niche of One, regarded as the go-to expert in your field.

Upfluence your brand = amplifying your net worth. We create a custom-build website (look Ma, no templates!) showcasing your essentiality so that you can connect with your dream clients.  Creating a business-changing website may sound complicated but our team walks you through every step of the way, so the process is simple and (dare we say) even fun!

When you Upfluence, you...

Our proprietary Authority Extraction Method, combined with our rockstar team,will deliver you a custom influencer site that you’ve always dreamt of!

Our Process

When you Upfluence, You go beyond branding to create an Authority Eco-System

Step 1

We start out with an Authority Audit, to pinpoint your current clout. Where do you sit within your industry’s hierarchy? What makes you different? What can we showcase to make you stand out? We clarify your message and the unique "you-ness" the world needs to know more of.

Step 2

We strategize how to Upfluence by using our proprietary Authority Activator System. Rolling up our creative sleeves, we get to work on crafting a brand board, wordsmithing the perfect copy, shooting your origin story video, building your site and sales funnel.

Step 3

Fantastic. Depending on how far and wide your want your influence to spread, we have service levels to hit your goals and beyond.

Beyond the site…

Ready to make your indelible mark on the world? Fantastic. Depending on how far and wide your want your influence to spread, we have service levels to hit your goals and beyond.


Let’s get loud! We break out the publicity megaphone and amplify your message to the media via strategic story pitches to the most influential journalists and outlets. Nothing explodes your audience and authority as quickly as well-positioned media attention.

Sales Funnel

Show me the money! You’ve got products, you need customers. We’ll craft a high-converting sales funnel to make those dollas holla and your bank account smile.

Course Creation

For clients who are ready to take their business and legacy to the next level, we offer Full Course Creation services. Don't have the time or bandwidth to sit down and map out an entire course (let alone produce all those learning materials)? We've got you covered. Our experienced team will interview you, shoot strategic videos, create your course and then expertly market it. You have the knowledge, we have the know-how.


Writing a book about your life's work is an incredible authority builder and catapults you into the echelon of True Expert. If you're ready to Upfluence but don't have the time to write, we'll not only ghostwrite it but also take care of the intricacies of publishing for you.

Public Speaking

Want to make an impression and impact to thousands? Speaking at events gives you an unparalleled opportunity to connect with people, amplify your message and elevate your status as an industry expert. The Upfluence team can take care of all the logistics, including creating your speaker page, coaching you on best practices and booking events.

Events & Retreats

Finally, for entrepreneurs ready to scale and share their message in a deeper, more intimate setting, we offer special event and retreat production. From small gatherings at a villa retreat for a week to filling a ballroom for a one-day Mastermind, our production staff will take care of all the logistics so you can focus on doing what you do best - sharing your brilliance!

Imagine Your Website As An Extension of You

About Company

When you Upfluence your site, you don't just get a pretty website - you become an Authority. Your name becomes synonymous with your niche. Your message is magnified to millions and you create a buzz that electrifies your client base.

Our Services

Quite simply, no other agency offers an Authority Eco-System. Our unique approach is combining the best talents to create a one-stop shop to amplify your authority. Why just influence when you can Upfluence?


Ready to become a niche of one? Using our unique Authority Activator System, you'll become the go-to expert in your field, eliminating any and all competition.

Authority Marketing

How would you like to never sell your services every again yet seal every deal? With Authority Marketing, you can (and will).

Legacy Building

You've built a business, now build a legacy that leverages your experience and talents.

Our story

Who We Are

Latasha Mitchell is an Influencer Strategist and Digital Marketer, helping business owners harness the untapped power of authority to scale their business faster, and easier, than they ever imagined. She’s turned the on-line entrepreneurial world on its ear with her revolutionary Real25 System and is renowned for her work as an innovative digital marketer. 

Larissa Banting is an award-winning author, copywriter and publicist. She’s one of the few to achieve the title of Accredited in Public Relations with the Canadian Public Relations Society. In addition to her mad writing skills, she has over 30 years of international event production experience, ranging from intimate soirees for couples to full-on fiestas of over 100,000 revelers.


Latasha Mitchell

CEO + Influencer Strategist

Larissa Banting

Copywriter + Certified PR

Khuram Shahzad

Web Developer & SEO Expert

Akilah Rodriguez

Executive Assistant

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